Build a Better Business by Defining a Company Culture

The term “Company Culture” is thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean? The dot-com era gave us foosball machines, Aeron task chairs and catered lunch. The tech giants that survived have everything from yoga classes to dry cleaning. The millennials demand flexibility, clear rewards and open offices. The boomers don’t know where to put their bobble heads after getting kicked out of their cubicles.

Your company’s culture is ultimately defined by your people who, by the way, also define your brand. Your brand, in turn, defines what your company exhibits as an experience for all people involved: customer, staff, mascots, etc.

Basically, your culture is good if people want to be there and hold each other accountable for being their best.

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Astek Retreats Into The Future

2013 marks ten years for Astek. Like most small companies, we’ve changed and grown A LOT in that time. While we’ve always moved in the right direction, some changes are easier than others, especially as we constantly challenge ourselves to be leaders in our industry.

A core part of Astek’s unique culture is that everyone here is interested in something else, particularly theater and music. That’s a good thing. It lends perspective, creativity and plain old fun to our craft and interactions with people. The only issue this creates is that it’s hard to schedule an overnight event for everyone!

This year we headed to the lovely town of Union Pier, right around the southern bend of Lake Michigan from Chicago in the heart of the Michigan Dunes. I hear they export their super fine sand to Dubai (seriously).


wpid astek retreat 2013 union pier michigan beach skipping rocks 2013 11 11 14 44 Astek Retreats Into The Future


So what does a company do on a retreat? Why do we go? What do we seek to accomplish?

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Detroit Bankruptcy and the Detroit Tech Scene: Can One Help the Other?

Bankruptcy%20Paralegal%20Florida Detroit Bankruptcy and the Detroit Tech Scene: Can One Help the Other?

Detroit Bankruptcy and the Detroit Tech Scene

Detroit Bankruptcy: An End, or New Beginning?

The city of Detroit, according to USA Today, has filed for Chapter 9 federal bankruptcy protection in court this past Thursday, becoming the largest American city in history to seek emergency financial help. Factors that contributed to the decline of the city, according to the New York Times, include a shrunken tax base, healthcare and pension costs, growing debt, consistent deficits in the city budget, and poor management of city services and equipment.

Despite it’s fiscal troubles, private investment within the city has risen lately. The Times reported recently about a rise in tech incubators, meant to foster local growth of internet and computer-based industries, including Tech Town and Refresh Detroit. These organizations have the goal of creating thriving business ventures for the city and region. According to Tech Town’s website, their vision is to “incubate and accelerate technology and innovation. We are engines of economic growth and catalysts of urban revitalization.”

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