Build a Better Business by Defining a Company Culture

The term “Company Culture” is thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean? The dot-com era gave us foosball machines, Aeron task chairs and catered lunch. The tech giants that survived have everything from yoga classes to dry cleaning. The millennials demand flexibility, clear rewards and open offices. The boomers don’t know where to put their bobble heads after getting kicked out of their cubicles.

Your company’s culture is ultimately defined by your people who, by the way, also define your brand. Your brand, in turn, defines what your company exhibits as an experience for all people involved: customer, staff, mascots, etc.

Basically, your culture is good if people want to be there and hold each other accountable for being their best.

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SIPA DC 2013 Niche B2B Publishing Conference Recap

Another year brought another fabulous SIPA niche B2B publishing conference in DC. I got to see old friends and meet new ones. I taught, I learned and through it all we had a lot of fun.

To kick things off, I spoke on the concept of going “digital first” with Wiley Editor David Famiano, showcasing Webany’s web-to-print features. CQ Roll Call’s John Dineen shared stories from the trenches of small and large pubs going through the process. There’s David on the right in the Astek booth (lounge).

wpid Andy Swindler Rachel Yeomans David Famiano SIPA DC 2013 Astek Booth 2013 06 21 09 35 SIPA DC 2013 Niche B2B Publishing Conference Recap

In the middle is Astek’s VP Marketing, Rachel Yeomans, who shared a social media case study highlighting how to measure efforts for a blogger outreach and social media program.

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