SIPA DC 2013 Niche B2B Publishing Conference Recap

Another year brought another fabulous SIPA niche B2B publishing conference in DC. I got to see old friends and meet new ones. I taught, I learned and through it all we had a lot of fun.

To kick things off, I spoke on the concept of going “digital first” with Wiley Editor David Famiano, showcasing Webany’s web-to-print features. CQ Roll Call’s John Dineen shared stories from the trenches of small and large pubs going through the process. There’s David on the right in the Astek booth (lounge).

wpid Andy Swindler Rachel Yeomans David Famiano SIPA DC 2013 Astek Booth 2013 06 21 09 35 SIPA DC 2013 Niche B2B Publishing Conference Recap

In the middle is Astek’s VP Marketing, Rachel Yeomans, who shared a social media case study highlighting how to measure efforts for a blogger outreach and social media program.

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Apple iOS 7 for Publishers: First Reflections

Here are my initial thoughts on the Apple iOS 7 software.

1) New design feels more contemporary, but Apple didn’t set this tone. Competition from Google has fueled a fire under Apple for years. And now it’s also coming from Microsoft, Amazon and Blackberry. Although ironically, from a design standpoint, this “new” flatness is awfully reminiscent of Windows 8 and Google aesthetic.

In general, Apple is now playing defense more than ever. The iPad Mini is a good example of this. Jobs must be rolling… (trust me, I’ve carried an Apple Cult card since the mid-80’s, but they are losing their edge)

They are also embracing the idea that apps don’t need to feel like real-world objects. Now that just about everyone has a smartphone and has bridged into using digital touch interfaces, it’s time we truly embraced the advantages inherent in a screen that doesn’t look like a piece of paper.

wpid ios7 hand 100041902 large 2013 06 11 12 35 Apple iOS 7 for Publishers: First Reflections

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What the Heck Am I Going to Write About Blogging?

In my experience, the number one problem with keeping up a blog is writing the posts. Sound obvious? Maybe. But I’ve seen it time and time again that people are super enthusiastic about blogging, have lots of great things to share about their experience or industry, “get it,” and then perhaps a month or two in it just peters out. We have developed sophisticated blogging programs to handle this from a variety of angles, but here’s a simple idea:

Just do it.

wpid flaming nike 2013 05 13 09 45 What the Heck Am I Going to Write About Blogging?

Ok thanks, Nike (woah, that swoosh is on fire!). But seriously, just write something. It can be quick. It can be a link to another post with a brief commentary. It can be silly and fun. It just needs to be your voice and not a copy and paste from somewhere else. Don’t over-think it.

So what am I going to share? I’m going to round up some of my favorite old blog posts I’ve written. Maybe it’s a cop out, but I’m going to use it to demonstrate just how easy it can be. And while I’m at it, I’m going to highlight one of my favorite thoughts recently:

We’re better at creating megaphones than filters. And human filters are usually the best ones.

So I just filtered myself. And here you go, my very own Top 10 List (The Interwebz LOVES Top 10 lists):


1) Remembering Steve Jobs

2) Technology Disrupts Before It Empowers

3) Interview With Aarti Sequeira – How Social Media Can Make Your Dreams Come True

4) 7 Management Tips I’ve Learned Along the Way

5) Gamification of Household Chores

6) Run Two Monitors from your Laptop

(This one has been astonishingly popular – hey, there’s my old desk!)

7) SEO Rankings: The Rules Have Changed

8) Delegating to My Subconscious

9) Digital Design = Form or Function?

10) SXSW Interactive 2011 Reflections

11) Twitter / Mac Souls

(Oldies but a goodies from 2008 & 2009. Oh yeah, this Top 10 List goes to 11.5!)

And that took fewer than 20 minutes. The hardest part was picking my favorites!



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