What the Heck Am I Going to Write About Blogging?

In my experience, the number one problem with keeping up a blog is writing the posts. Sound obvious? Maybe. But I’ve seen it time and time again that people are super enthusiastic about blogging, have lots of great things to share about their experience or industry, “get it,” and then perhaps a month or two in it just peters out. We have developed sophisticated blogging programs to handle this from a variety of angles, but here’s a simple idea:

Just do it.

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Ok thanks, Nike (woah, that swoosh is on fire!). But seriously, just write something. It can be quick. It can be a link to another post with a brief commentary. It can be silly and fun. It just needs to be your voice and not a copy and paste from somewhere else. Don’t over-think it.

So what am I going to share? I’m going to round up some of my favorite old blog posts I’ve written. Maybe it’s a cop out, but I’m going to use it to demonstrate just how easy it can be. And while I’m at it, I’m going to highlight one of my favorite thoughts recently:

We’re better at creating megaphones than filters. And human filters are usually the best ones.

So I just filtered myself. And here you go, my very own Top 10 List (The Interwebz LOVES Top 10 lists):


1) Remembering Steve Jobs

2) Technology Disrupts Before It Empowers

3) Interview With Aarti Sequeira – How Social Media Can Make Your Dreams Come True

4) 7 Management Tips I’ve Learned Along the Way

5) Gamification of Household Chores

6) Run Two Monitors from your Laptop

(This one has been astonishingly popular – hey, there’s my old desk!)

7) SEO Rankings: The Rules Have Changed

8) Delegating to My Subconscious

9) Digital Design = Form or Function?

10) SXSW Interactive 2011 Reflections

11) Twitter / Mac Souls

(Oldies but a goodies from 2008 & 2009. Oh yeah, this Top 10 List goes to 11.5!)

And that took fewer than 20 minutes. The hardest part was picking my favorites!



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#MPITechCon in a Twitter-tale

#MPITechCon in a Twitter-tale

The short story of great speakers, food, technology and people who came in from the Chicago cold to attend a fantastic event.

Storified by astekweb· Wed, Feb 20 2013 13:18:05

I love Storify. My personal mantra is that good marketing is just good story-telling because the destination is only as valuable as the inspiration, history, context and discoveries it takes to get there.

Astek sent me to represent the company because we love the Chicago tech community. We also wanted learn a bit about the meetings industry, promote our event social media program and frankly, find me some new friends since I recently moved here from St. Louis. <sheepishly> Ummm… Go Cubs?
Looking back at the tweets, I saw an online journey that represented the amazing time that I had at the event. The posts below were chosen to reflect some of my favorite moments and show the thoughts of the many wonderful people that attended. 
John Armstrong
Sr. Community Manager, Astek

trans #MPITechCon in a Twitter tale

trans #MPITechCon in a Twitter tale

Just got off the train in Chicago for #mpitechcon! Who’s ready!?Kienan Shaw
@KienanShaw Sooo ready… Welcome to Chicago! #MpitechconJohn Armstrong
On my way! #MPITechConKathy Reading
Goodmorning Chicago! Talking mobile at #MPITechCon this morning right after @unmarketing. I’m ready for coffee and an angry rant or two.Sara Santiago
Early call time for #MPITechCon. Got some great interviews lined up for our live show to the virtual audience! @unmarketing @BillyDecJudi Holler
Welcome to Chicago in February #MPITechCon attendees, with all the lights inside plenty warm! #MPI http://pic.twitter.com/aUXhMtauMPI TechCon
Dont let the snow stop you from coming to #MPITechCon this morning! I hear they have COFFEE and more..Hirman Ahmad
Excited for #MPITechCon!! Great speakers, lots of learning, reconnecting with awesome peeps!!Nicole
@DaveSerino Michigan mittens ready to go! #MPITechCon http://pic.twitter.com/X0IdYw07Meetings Michigan
Goooood morning! Free iPad rentals from @MeetingTomorrow at registration. #MPITechConTalia Miller
Hope everyone had a good night sleep at The Silversmith Hotel Downtown Chicago! Come visit our booth! Who’s ready for TechCon? #mpitechconSilversmith Hotel
I’m late! “Early calltime for #MPITechCon. Great interviews for live show w/@unmarketing @BillyDec” via @JudiHoller @mpitechcon @kylehillmanBilly Dec
Cool approach for a social media feed! #mpitechcon http://pic.twitter.com/pXkcQQhvalagos24
I’m up way too early! I see Scott speak any chance I get. @MrHirman @unmarketing will be speaking at 8.45am for #MPITechCon. Get excited.ELIZABETH GLAU, CMP
@MPITechCon I think this will fit in my apartment #MPITechCon http://pic.twitter.com/qdyprKhGKeith Bessler
Someone has good taste in music. I love that Spoon is playing before the opening session at #mpitechcon #mpiJason Hensel
Looking forward to keynote "The Business of Awesome" #mpitechcon @ Illinois institute of technologyAIBTM 2013
HackMPI showcase – Hackathon has started #MPITechCon #MPI You don’t want to miss this!!!!! http://pic.twitter.com/1kgzRJ4nLeeya Suksamai
Scott Stratton @unmarketing is unboring #MPITechConKathy Reading
‘Marketing is not a task’ listening to the great Scott @unmarketing #mpitechcon #eventprofsDahlia El Gazzar
"@corbinball: #mpitechcon Hybrid meeting technology is a wonderful thing. #mediasite looks great!"Eduardo Chaillo CMP
There are children starving in the world, and you paid someone to put a QR code on your website? – @unmarketing #MPITechConastekweb
Keep up the tweets guys at #MPITechCon Sorry I can’t join remotely as have meetings here in the UK but will be following with vigour!Samme Allen
I’d rather have 1000 email addresses than 10,000 followers on Twitter. ~ @unmarketing at #mpitechconTim McDonald
At #mpitechcon in Chicago and listening to Scott Stratten. Good energy!Neal Thompson
Will it be no more business card? You can tap your phone at the vendors’ booths and get all information. @SaraSantiago #MPITechConLeeya Suksamai
Are you at #mpitechcon? Wow Bao will be there later today steaming up some Hot Asian BunsWow Bao
Great looking conference for this morning #MPITechCon #MPI http://pic.twitter.com/8ODENjIQLeeya Suksamai
Hysterical, but true! “@mjcarter: Every time you put up a Twitter wall on stage behind a speaker a kitten dies -@unmarketing #MPITechCon”Char Shada, CMP
Excited to learn and mingle at #MPItechcon today! Who else is here? Let’s get together! #eventprofsAndrea Huntzicker
I always try and think of where my attendees are at technologically, and then only go 2 steps ahead. #mpitechcon @annccraig #eventprofsTJLaFleur, CMP, CMAM
Sara Santiago doing a great job at #MPITechcon she is "adorable" "y u no have wifi?"Cesar Barradas
LOL at @SaraSantiago’s metaphor for bad marketing: "It’s like a maniacal paperboy flinging papers at us" #MPITechConannie.
@unmarketing awesome job at #mpitechcon Making Canada look good after giving us Nickleback.Justin Foster
Watching @SaraSantiago at #mpitechcon – this is a super smart/cool woman I wanna take to the dive bars.John Armstrong
What is your favorite mobile app (and is it naughty)? @sarasantiago #mpitechconChar Shada, CMP
At #mpitechcon speaker Sarah Santiago says mobile browsing now surpasses non-mobile browsing. By a lot. I guess mobile apps r important.Kevin Hinton
Love it! @Crestodina has a sailboat visual in his presentation at #MPITechConKathy Reading
@RachelYeomans @Crestodina is rocking’ the hoodie and his content speech. #mpitechconJohn Armstrong
Twitter wall at #MPITechCon! http://pic.twitter.com/SWvdql3lAbby Goetsch
Tony knows where Michigan is! And this picture helps warms a pair of little Chicago hands. #MtgsMichigan #MPITechCon http://pic.twitter.com/VwrMJ8VoDiscover Kalamazoo
Hey #MPITechCon look for the pink lounge & stop by for some free chocolate! http://pic.twitter.com/NXrTcyUIetouches
The music is off the hook #mpitechcon I’m ready to bust a move @etouches styleGrégoire Venier
Hey DJ at #mpitechcon: play some Waylon or Hank Jr.Justin Foster
Lunch was delicious! Thank you Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants and Fantasy Cakes! #mpitechcon #mpiChar Shada, CMP
@etouches Spies at #MPITechCon tell us the chocolate and cake pops at your booth is trending (or should be).Onstream Media
Big props to @saraharel for the AMAZING food at #HackMPI & the best cake pops I’ve ever had at #mpitechcon! You are awesome lady!Veronica Ludwig
Acting a fool with @BillyDec on set at #MPITechCon http://pic.twitter.com/mbh21W8pJudi Holler
Good social media advice from @manamica at #mpitechcon. Use the Events feature on Google+ to find prospective attendees.Corbin Ball, CSP,CMP
Social Media Bootcamp!!! Learning how to use twitter for a purpose!! #MPITECHCONKatie Strandquist
Your best friend w/ #socialmedia is a coffee cup – @manamica #mpitechcon #mpi #eventprofsJason Hensel
Until you puke or die, you can’t stop your social media routine! Via @manamica #mpitechconELIZABETH GLAU, CMP
#MPITechCon @grantcrowell Great presentation for real world ROI: Social Video Strategies http://pic.twitter.com/BKXRXT5xLeeya Suksamai
Ideal length of social video – "as long as it needs to be and as short as possible"! @grantcrowell. #mpitechconJoyce Paschall
@manamica Awesome presentation. Great info! #MPITechConTina Johns
Of course I’m hanging out at the booth that has bacon chocolate treats. @imex_group @IMEXSuzanne #mpitechconJason Hensel
I’ve never seen more mid-century modern furniture arrayed as university common space than at IIT. I want an Mies chair. #mpitechconJake
Note: For easier networking at #mpitechcon, sit next to the phone chargers.John Armstrong
Psst. There are two digital kingpins in the Sales Auditorium right now: @seanmcginnis @tamcdonald #MPITechConastekweb
@astekweb You make us blush. #mpitechcon @seanmcginnisTim McDonald
Welcome Jennifer Kedinger @jenkedinger to #MPITechCon 2013. Here to talk Social Media for events. Digital Sales Hall at 4.00pm.MPI TechCon
This reception at #MPITechCon is stellar. Unique exhibit pods, insane food, great people = awesome networking!hubb
Thanks #mpitechcon for an excellent day of hybrid presentations! Now I wish I could be there F2F for the reception!Corbin Ball, CSP,CMP
Just want to send a huuuuuuuggggggeee shout out the #MPITechCon committee. You pulled off the #eventtech event of the year. Beautifully….Dahlia El Gazzar
Thanks #MPITechCon, that was rad. And thanks for introducing me to Leslie Gore’s "You Don’t Own Me." Loved it!Mana Ionescu
Wow! What an amazing and incredible day attending the MPI-CAC TechCon! I’m educated and energized! Life is awesome! #MPITechCon #mpiChar Shada, CMP
Now that #MPITechCon is over … what shall I tweet about? How awesome #MPITechCon was?? Great show guys!Judi Holler
#MPITechCon Attendees (Virtual and In-Person) thank you for choosing us, you made this event the success it was. http://pic.twitter.com/8xo3tNbkMPI TechCon
@MPITechCon No, thank you!!!! #MPITechCon http://pic.twitter.com/YldZJwzWKeith Bessler

SIPA Miami Niche Publishing Conference In Retrospect

Last week Rachel and I made our regular trek to the Specialized Information Publishing Association (SIPA) 29th Annual Digital Publishing & Media Institute in Miami, FL.

We were busy presenting information, leading roundtables, learning in sessions, exhibiting and networking with our friends (Hi, Leslie!) and colleagues. It was such an action-packed time, we didn’t make it to the beach, but we did help to increase everyone’s knowledge of digital marketing for publishers, including ours!

wpid rachel yeomans astek leslie davidson sipa miami 2012 2012 12 21 11 37 SIPA Miami Niche Publishing Conference In Retrospect

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