Vimeo v. YouTube or Branding v. Impressions

We recently had a client ask us what we thought were good options for hosting video online. If only we had an easy answer for that. As with almost every digital media decision, it depends on strategy and how it relates to larger marketing goals.

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Coming Soon to an iPad Near You: Second Screen Social TV

As we race to the full convergence of TV and the Web, we’re seeing a bevy of ideas about how to augment the traditional TV experience by providing instant access to buy Gloria’s newest shoes with a click, join social media discussions with other fans and other ways to combine watching with doing.

One concept quickly gaining momentum is called “second screen.” This is basically the idea that your iPad or other mobile device can synchronize with what you’re watching to create a richer interactive, though sometimes distracting, experience. The evolution was natural, since iPads and other mobile devices have wormed their way into the average couch surfer’s viewing experience anyway. Why not link them directly to what’s being watched?

wpid Second screen 2012 10 5 12 54 Coming Soon to an iPad Near You: Second Screen Social TV

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Astek Staff Meeting: Wait, One More Thing

We are incredibly productive at Astek. So productive in fact, we can barely end our weekly staff meeting.

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